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Ecolab's comprehensive approach to cleaning and sanitization
A comprehensive approach to cleaning and sanitization

Designed Specifically for the Cannabis Market 

The rapidly growing market for cannabis products presents immense opportunity — and significant operational challenges — to businesses across the seed-to-sale spectrum. As an established leader, Ecolab Life Sciences is your trusted partner in providing comprehensive cleaning, sanitization and contamination-control solutions for cannabis cultivation, processing and manufacturing operations.

Consistently safe and high-quality product

Deliver a consistently safe and high-quality product – even as you scale up to accommodate rapidly growing demand. We provide comprehensive sanitization and contamination control solutions that are field-proven in both rigorous, high-volume production operations and high-risk, high-stakes cleanroom environments.

Deep experience with the regulatory agencies governing the personal care product manufacturing industry

Leverage our deep experience with the regulatory agencies governing the personal care product manufacturing industry to build a comprehensive, best-practice-based cleaning, sanitization and contamination-control program that ensures compliance – and stay ahead of rapidly evolving standards. 

Life Sciences Operational Excellence in Cannabinoid Processing
Operational Excellence

Drive performance, efficiency, cost-effectiveness and agility within your cannabinoid processing operations – leveraging our extensive experience in personal care product manufacturing to deliver solutions and insights that protect and enhance critical KPIs, including throughput, downtime and uptime.

Cleaning and contamination control for the cannabis market | Ecolab

Each area of your facility requires special cleaning considerations and solutions. Ecolab’s proven products for small to large-scale operations meet the most rigorous standards, including cGMp and EU GMP, that directly address the unique challenges and risks presented by cannabinoid residues and resins – helping ensure a validated, clean and compliant operation. 


Our advanced chemistry and leading expertise — including innovative products and protocols to address the specific residues, resins and risks of cannabinoid processing — helps organizations ensure the consistent quality and safety of their products, while delivering operational agility needed to capture opportunities for rapid growth.

Ecolab Bioquell Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor

Bioquell™ Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor

Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor process achieves fast, efficient and residue-free decontamination. Systems are EPA-registered and provide consistent, GMP-compliant 6-log kills for your equipment and spaces. 

Ecolab COSA CIP: 90, 92, 94 and 96

90, 92, 94 and 96

Alkaline cleaning agents designed to remove typical residues such as oils, fats, proteins and other organic materials. 

Ecolab COSA Foam 40

COSA™ Foam 40

Neutral product for manual cleaning that generates stable foam, or can be used as a foam additive with COSA CIP (Clean-in-Place) detergents.

Ecolab COSA Oxonia Active

COSA™ Oxonia Active

Sanitizer and disinfectant for environmental microorganisms that’s EPA-registered and OMRI certified.

Klercide and Klerwipe 70/30 IPA / Neutral Detergent

Klercide™ and Klerwipe™ 70/30 IPA / Neutral Detergent

Ready-to-use sprays and impregnated wipes for effective cleaning and surface disinfection.
Ecolab DrySan Duo and Eco-Wipe Duo

DrySan™ Duo
Eco-Wipe™ Duo

Quick-drying, EPA-registered no-rinse cleaners and sanitizers for low-moisture environments, in a liquid spray or wipe.

Ensure quality and safety across your cannabis cultivation, processing and manufacturing operations.

Connect with an Ecolab Life Sciences expert to help guide you through compliance, quality and safety across your operations.

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