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Food Safety Month

September is Food Safety Month, but at Ecolab, we like to celebrate safe food year round. 

Ecolab offers a comprehensive food safety program that helps power your performance to achieve delighted guests, protected reputations, and optimized operations. Read on to discover how we can not only help prevent foodborne illness, but make a lasting impact on your restaurant, hotel or commercial kitchen.

restaurant guests eating safe food
advance your food safety program

Discover our best practices, checklists, compliance updates, quick tips, and whitepapers from our industry experts to help enhance your food safety culture.

Ecolab Food Safety and Public Health Webinars

Register for our latest webinar, receive information on our quarterly free food safety and public health webinars, and watch past webinars on topics like microbial risks, flu prevention, food safety violations, and employee safety.


Group of women sharing a meal at clean table
enhancing the dining experience

For every dining experience, one ingredient cannot be overlooked: clean dishes and utensils. Read more about the important role the dish room team plays in your food safety program and overall guest satisfaction.

restaurant manager and chef discussing food options for restaurant
preparing your staff 

Keeping food safe in your establishment depends on the staff. Learn about the key topics and regulations needed to instill a strong, evolving food safety culture that is sure to delight your guests.

Chef preparing meal in clean kitchen wearing food safety gloves

Learn more about the top contributing factors to foodborne illness and actions you can take to keep your guests and employees safe.

Discover more about food safety at ecolab

Global Instutional


Ecolab Institutional provides comprehensive products and programs that meet the specific needs of customers, from restaurants, hotels and long-term care facilities to schools, commercial buildings and military facilities. We help customers ensure guest safety and satisfaction, and protect and enhance their reputations


Through onsite assessments, training and coaching, EcoSure food safety experts help customers minimize food safety risks and deliver safe food and healthy environments to protect their guests, employees and brand. 
Pest Elimination

Pest Elimination

Through our proactive people and innovative spirit, Ecolab Pest Elimination protects customers today, while advancing new and better solutions for tomorrow. When we help our customers maintain safe, healthy, pest-free environments, we are also helping to defend their reputation and their brand.
Food Safety Specialities

Food Safety Solutions

Ecolab Food Safety Solutions provides a complete line of food safety products and solutions that allow foodservice operators to maintain proper food rotation procedures, reduce the risk of cross contamination, ensure proper temperature management and maintain a safe environment — all critical components to safeguarding brand reputation.