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Partnership in Midstream for Amine Operations

The Amine Unit is the heart of a gas plant and when it is not running efficiently, it will impact your plant’s availability and performance. The Nalco Water + BASF partnership combines leading chemistry expertise with premier process innovation. With customized on-site service, and digital monitoring & analytics, our comprehensive solution maximizes plant performance and up-time.

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Compressor Systems

Nalco Water Compressor Antifoulant eliminates plugging and reduces filter change-outs, improving reliability and lowering operational cost.

Amine Unit

Maximize amine unit performance with Nalco Water and BASF.  Our comprehensive solution combines leading chemistry with proprietary process innovation, on-site expertise and service to ensure your assets are protected to a whole new level. 

Auxiliary Water Systems

Extend RO membrane life. Increase cooling system and boiler reliability. Optimize treatment costs. Our 3D TRASAR™ Technology ensures your systems run efficiently, and are protected 24/7

H2S Removal

Eliminate shut-in conditions. Increase uptime and safety. Our modular systems combine with non-regenerable scavengers to rapidly and efficiently reduce H2S levels to gas specifications.

Iron & Asphaltene Dispersants

Decrease maintenance time and cost. Clean N Cor™ is a cost-effective product line for cleaning assets, preventing deposition and providing superior corrosion inhibition.

Managing Assets

Prevent extended periods of upset conditions, prolong run time and predict exchanger life. OMNI™ is a comprehensive total heat exchanger assurance program providing digital insight into key performance metrics.

Proactive Solutions

Identify and quantify issues in advance of shut-in conditions, and obtain critical benchmark data that helps with future troubleshooting. Quantum Technical Services specializes in a wide range of technical services to help you find an answer when you need it most.


"Protecting our assets is paramount. 3D TRASAR vastly changed the performance and control on the cooling tower, heat exchangers and steam turbine equipment. From an investment perspective, it provides the extra set of eyes we need to maintain our utility systems."

News Release

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Learn more about our Partner, BASF

"Amine treating is the backbone of our facility. We were having failures in a reboiler reducing our processing capacity by ~25%. Since using INTERCEPT we have seen a clear reduction in reboiler failures and downtime."

PROVEN SOLVENTS: Pioneers in gas treatment technology, driving technical innovation

• OASE® purple

• PuraTreat®


• MEA & DEA or other amines

BEST-IN-CLASS for control of corrosion and ensuring availability

• INTERCEPT®Corrosion Inhibitor Passivator

• OASE® Stabilizer

• PuraTreat® Stabilizer

ON-SITE, CUSTOMIZED SERVICE EXPERTISE: New insights with higher operational impact

• Plant operator & engineer training

• Amine unit health

• Real-time corrosion monitoring

"At the end of the day, we want to process as much gas as possible. After initiating Nalco Water's compressor antifoulant program, the system cleaned up - we have not had any compressor fouling or maintenance."