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Meet Guests' Rising Expectations of Clean: The Next-Gen Guide to Guest Room Cleaning

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Learn more about the 5 key area you should focus on to meet guests expectations around clean. This new Ecolab eBook reveals the harsh realities hotels face and provides proactive strategies for managing guests rising expectations, to keep guests happy and coming back.

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Capitalize on guests’ rising expectations around your hotel lobby. The new Ecolab eBook reveals three key trends shaping the next-generation lobby — and gives you insider tips to help you stand out in your market, deepen guest loyalty, drive revenue and how best to leverage your vendor partners to maintain your investment.
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Managing Changing Hotel Spaces
For facility managers and executive housekeepers, new spaces and new guest usage patterns can present significant and often unexpected challenges—from how to keep new spaces clean and well-maintained, to how to manage new risks posed by increased usage of public spaces.

Click below to learn about the four biggest trends reshaping hotel spaces and four key considerations for facility management and housekeeping staff.
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Improve Online Reviews and Boost Revenue
Guest reviews are incredibly important and can directly drive your business’ success. In fact, your hotel’s social media review rating is now a better predictor of your success than traditional customer satisfaction metrics.  Know what your customers want most: a clean and comfortable stay.

Click below to learn how you can delight guests, improve reviews and boost RevPAR. 
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Why Online Reviews are Now the Name of the Game
Word of mouth has always played a major role in shaping a business’ reputation, bringing customers in the door (or driving them away) and driving business success. But the internet, social media and our current state of constant digital connectivity radically up the stakes. 

Click below to learn how you can lean on your vendor partners to help set the stage for social media success.  


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