Water dripping from a facet, lack of water conservation.


Ecolab Service and Innovation Can Help You Save Water

As you work toward decreasing overall water usage while promoting guest satisfaction, every aspect of the operation is being optimized. Our dedication to service means we are always there helping you use our products and innovation to achieve your sustainability goals and keep guests coming back.

Do it Right with Training and Service

Proper training on procedures and maintenance can save thousands of gallons of water and thousands of kilowatts in energy annually.

Do it Once with Chemistry and Equipment

Best-in-Class chemistries and equipment help ensure optimal operational efficiency.

Apex Warewashing Program
See how Apex helps you achieve new efficiencies and take your warewashing operation to the next level.
Syncra Hand Hygiene System
A breakthrough innovation in Hand Hygiene, Syncra minimizes water usage through its automated and time hand washing system. Watch this video to learn more.
Aquanomic Laundry Program
Aquanomic is an innovative laundry system that delivers exceptional Clean, White & Soft linen results, while reducing water and energy consumption by up to 40%. It’s a total system proven to optimize your laundry operation while helping to make the world cleaner, safer and healthier.
Sanitizing Wash 'n Walk
Learn more how Ecolab's Sanitizing Wash 'n Walk helps save water with its no rinse formula.
Water Softeners
Learn more about how Ecolab's water softening program can help improve warewashing results and save water.
Stain Management Program
Professional stain-fighting performance for a professional operation. Stained and soiled linens come out Cleaner, Whiter & Softer the first time, helping to both protect your linen investment and reduce your need for linen replacement.
Cal Hypo Pool and Spa Program
Delight guests with sparkling clean water to maximize guest comfort and enjoyment. Automated dispensers control chlorine feed through erosion feeders — helping to maintain a stable, well-balanced pool chemistry and respond to unpredictable and variable bather load. And with Ecolab's Cal Hypo tablets, such as Trichlor, there is no need to drain pools saving water.