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Clean hands are safe hands.

Ecolab offers an array of liquid and foaming hand soaps, sanitizers, and lotions that help keep your staff and guests safe and healthy. We’ve developed a hand hygiene system that combines bacteria-killing chemistry with technology and training – making your hand cleaning habits safe, simple and efficient. With Ecolab's Hand Hygiene System, you get efficiency, innovation and sustainability in one sleek dispenser.

Protecting Foam Hand Sanitizer being used in conference room

Spread the Health with New Ecolab Protecting Foam Hand Sanitizer

Protect public health with a high alcohol content hand sanitizer that complies with US Food Code, is USDA Bio-Preferred and Green Seal Certified.
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Scientific Clean™

The Ecolab Hand Hygiene Approach

As a global leader in infection prevention solutions, Ecolab helps clean 50 billion hands annually, in the places that matter most – from commercial buildings to restaurants to long-term care. Our approach to good hand hygiene is based on science, innovation and deep expertise of the industries we serve. Today, it’s more important than ever to keep your staff and patrons safe and healthy with hand care science engineered for a healthier world.

NEXA™ Hand Care Customer Testimonial

Hear how Clemson University reached its sustainability goals and improved operational efficiency through its partnership with Ecolab and the Nexa™ Concentrates hand care program.

Hand Care Solutions to Improve Sustainability

Learn how Nexa™ Concentrates hand care products reduce packaging waste, optimize product use, reduce ordering and shipping costs, and save on storage space.

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