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Partnering to Protect Long Term Care Communities​

At Ecolab, we provide cleaning products, programs and training designed to meet the needs of long term care and senior living communities to create healthy spaces that foster well-being and inspire confidence. 

Ecolab partners with long term care communities, including assisted living and nursing homes, to help them deliver a heightened level of cleanliness, food safety and advanced hygiene protocols. With a commitment to improving safety, resident satisfaction and regulatory compliance, we work in partnership with customers to optimize and enhance hygiene results and best practices. 

Helping Long Term Care Communities Face Critical Challenges

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Protecting Brand Reputation

76% of prospective residents and caregivers look to online reviews to learn more about a community.*

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Meeting Resident Expectations

93% of prospective residents believe there is a direct link between cleanliness and quality of care.**

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Attracting and Retaining Staff Amid Ongoing Labor Shortage

62% of senior care leaders report difficulties in hiring qualified employees.***

From resident rooms to on-site laundry, kitchens and common areas, we have solutions that meet your facility’s needs.

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1.   Hand Hygiene
Floor Care
Water Safety and Management
Pool and Spa
6.   Food Safety and Kitchen Hygiene
7.   Laundry
Restroom Care and Odor Control
9.   Surface Disinfections and Cleaners
10. Pest Elimination

Featured Long Term Care Programs:

On-Demand Digital Training

High-Performing, Easy-to-Use Laundry Program

Our laundry programs are designed to fit your needs, delivery hygienically clean linens and improve the health and safety of your community.

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Comprehensive Hand Hygiene

Ecolab offers an array of liquid and foaming hand soaps, sanitizers and lotions. We’ve designed a hand hygiene system to help you more easily integrate good hand hygiene practices throughout your long term care or senior living community. 

Foodservice Expertise - Kitchen

Kitchen Cleaning and Sanitation

Robust food safety practices, kitchen cleaning and sanitation is foundational for successful food service operations. Our comprehensive back of house program combines innovative products with our food safety expertise to help you maintain the highest level of cleanliness to better protect your residents, reputation and operations. 


Help Protective the Longevity of Your Flooring

Our comprehensive floor care solutions are suited to clean and protect a variety of flooring types from concrete to luxury vinyl tile, upholstery, hard surfaces and more.

Cleaning Solutions to Deliver Clean, Healthy Spaces Across Your Facility

Ecolab Rapid Multi Surface Cleaner product line

Rapid Multi-Surface Disinfectant Cleaner

A 4-in-1 disinfectant cleaner with soft surface sanitation, leading claims, broad application and surface versatility and an improved user experience.

Clean and Disinfect Scrub Free Bathroom

Scrub Free Bathroom Cleaner and Disinfectant

We offer an easier, faster and safer way to clean bathrooms at your long-term care and senior living facilities—reduces physical effort and leaves surfaces clean and shiny.

Bio-Enzymatic Odor Eliminator

Remove stubborn smells at the source with this enzymatic odor remover—simple, easy-to-use and well-suited for odor challenges in assisted living and nursing home facilities.

Kitchen Hygiene and Food Safety Equipment and Innovation


Machine and Manual Warewashing Solutions

Ecolab provides warewashing solutions, training and support designed to fit your unique long term care operations. Save water and energy without sacrificing clean results.


Dishmachine Rental Program

Our best-in-class rental program provides a comprehensive line of products and 24/7/365 service and parts without upfront investment or ongoing maintenance costs.

Sink & Surface Cleaner Sanitizer group of products

Sink and Surface Cleaner Sanitizer

2021 Edison Award Winner for COVID-19 Innovation

Simplified food-contact surface sanitizer cleans and sanitizes hard, non-porous surfaces with a single product, eliminates the rinse step, and allows staff to clean more efficiently.

Proactive Programs to Cover Long Term Care Operations


Pest Management and Elimination

Appearance is considered one of the most important factors by families when selecting a long term care community. Ecolab can help protect you from pests and provide a safe environment.

EcoSure 2023 Brand Protection Photoshoot

EcoSure: Brand Protection Program

Long-term care facilities face unique challenges to meet regulatory requirements and provide an excellent resident experience. EcoSure provides onsite assessments, coaching, real-time insights and more to improve your critical operations.


Pool and Spa Maintenance Solutions

Our unique products and expertise can help you manage and maintain clean, clear and safe water in your recreational areas.

Tell Us About Your Long Term Care Needs

Highly effective illness prevention
Comprehensive programs
Expert resources
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Resource Spotlight


Beat the Cold and Flu Season This Year: 

A Q&A with Elaine Black, Director RD&E Food Safety

Hear Eliane Black outline the many opportunities to improve illness prevention and “spread the health” in nursing homes, including maintaining symptom awareness and focusing on good hand and surface hygiene with effective assisted living cleaning products and procedures. 

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The Importance of Hand Hygiene in Long Term Care

Hand hygiene compliance is considered the most cost-effective measure to prevent hospital associated infections, per the National Library of Medicine. Partner with Ecolab to help drive compliance and deliver effective long term care cleaning and disinfection. 

Hotel employee looking at On-Demand Digital Training with an Ecolab Expert

Offset Labor Challenges with On-Demand Digital Training

On-Demand Digital Training by Ecolab is a simplified, flexible approach to training that helps our customers address key labor challenges and improve long term care operations.

Ecolab Science Certified™ Program for Senior Living

Count on a Scientific Clean™

Ecolab Science Certified table tent on a dining table in a long term care facility

Ecolab Science Certified™ is a comprehensive, science-based public health and food safety program designed with operational efficiency in mind, to help deliver a higher level of cleanliness. The program combines industry-leading hospital disinfectants and sanitizers, detailed training and procedures and periodic auditing.

Together, we can advance cleaner, safer practices and build confidence with your staff and residents.

Comprehensive Long Term Care Solutions

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1. *November 2023 survey of 549 consumers conducted by third-party research vendor on behalf of Ecolab

2. **Internal Ecolab research study from July 2014, published by McKnight’s Senior Living

3. ***Senior Care Survey Report: Workforce 360, March 2024