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Industrial Bakery Manufacturing

Full plant focus. Full plant cleaning.

Bakery processing has specific cleaning needs, and Ecolab delivers. Humidity, dust and food contamination are all concerns, and our comprehensive cleaning programs provide big-picture insights and measurable results. 

When you partner with Ecolab, you’ll benefit from our food processing expertise in reducing allergens and downtime and helping ensure food safety in bakery manufacturing.

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Dry Cleaning Chemicals for Bakery Manufacturing

Running an industrial bakery means constant vigilance around humidity and dust mitigation. Water-based cleaning supplies are not only ineffective, they can contribute to food contamination and contamination and allergen management challenges in your facility.

Dry cleaning is the gold standard for bakery manufacturing, and Ecolab is the leader in both dry cleaning chemicals and processes. Our dry cleaning product portfolio is proven to help increase production and reduce costs.

Featured solution: DrySan™ Duo is is designed specifically for food processing environments. It's a U.S. EPA-registered dry sanitizer and cleaner that cuts cleaning time up to 50%.

Ecolab Hygiene Monitoring Program

Industrial Bakery Cleaning Program

Clean right the first time. Ecolab's industrial bakery cleaning program covers your entire facility and addresses every little detail. Our comprehensive cleaning program, including industrial bakery ovens, means you get improved cleaning and ATP swabbing results as well as reduced recleans. When you have Ecolab as a partner, you spend less time cleaning and more time producing.

Featured solution: Elevate your allergen detection program with GlutenTox® Pro and AllerFlow Gluten. These quick, convenient offerings make gluten testing easier than ever before.

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Bakery Processing Plant Efficiencies

Ecolab knows food processing. We were founded in 1923 and have been innovating ever since, so when you partner with us for industrial bakery cleaning, you benefit from our experience and our expertise. 

Bakery processing plant efficiencies rely on a comprehensive approach. We evaluate your entire plant and recommend a program that considers every need—including regulatory requirements—so you get increased production time and a reduction in labor costs.

Featured solution: The Ecolab Food Safety and Quality Supervisor platform helps drive performance through benchmarking, trends and data analysis.

Pest Control in Bakery Manufacturing

Stored Product Pest Control

Beetles, weevils, moths and other pests gather around and feed on dry foods. These stored product pests can cause product loss, production downtime and audit score deductions. 
Ecolab Integrated Pest Management (IPM) can help you eliminate and prevent stored product pests. We make recommendations to correct structural, sanitary and operational inefficiencies as well as proactively treating susceptible areas. Our successful prevention program is backed by science-based protocols and helps improve operational performance.

Microbial Decontamination Services

Microbial pathogens pose a serious threat to your business, brand and consumers, but achieving a clean break from pathogens can be very difficult. High-moisture environments (e.g. bakery proofers) are prime harborage sites for rapid microbial growth and can be especially difficult to access.

Ecolab's licensed fumigation experts provide microbial decontamination using a proprietary gaseous chlorine dioxide delivery system paired with a sophisticated monitoring system. We are able to service dry and low-moisture bakery areas and reach otherwise difficult-to-access harborage sites. 

Our microbial decontamination services are backed by a documented, verified, 6-log sterilization against all microbial pathogens.

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Industrial Water Solutions

We work behind the scenes at nearly 3 million customer locations worldwide to provide industrial water solutions that help solve operational challenges, reduce environmental impact and protect brands.

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