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Mineral Processing Aids

Solving for Optimization Across Your Entire Mining Process

Nalco Water is a global leader in mineral processing reagents and solutions.  With decades of experience across a variety of markets and over 1,600 global research, development, and engineering associates, Nalco Water delivers technical, economic, and environmentally sustainable mineral processing solutions from mine-to-mill. 

Our diverse portfolio of mineral processing aids span a variety of applications, and include rheology modifiers / viscosity modifiers, crystal growth modifiers, liquor stabilizers, oxalate stabilizers, reagents for humate removal, and more. By solving for mining process optimization, Nalco Water can help you maximize productivity, improve throughput, and positively impact your bottom line.

In the Spotlight – Crystal Growth Modifiers

In the competitive environment of alumina refining, processing plants are continuously challenged to increase yield while maintaining hydrate crystal size and quality.  Nalco Water offers crystal growth modifier (CGM) programs that are specifically designed for use within the precipitation circuits of the Bayer process.  The programs provide additional control of agglomeration and nucleation mechanisms, which can positively impact final product size control, liquor yield, hydrate classification, and oxalate interference control.  

Crystal growth modifiers are just one example of Nalco Water's comprehensive portfolio of mineral processing aids. Contact us to discuss your specific operational needs and learn more about our mineral processing solutions.

Driving Innovation – Global Expertise Made Local

Nalco Water places great emphasis on research, development, and innovation.  In our commitment to addressing your challenges, we have carefully assembled dedicated teams of chemists and engineers to drive our customer-focused technical research centers around the globe.  From the United States to western Australia, the Netherlands to western India, and everywhere in between, Nalco Water offers a globally-connected team of experts that are local to your plant and keenly aware of the regionalized challenges that can impact your operations.

Mineral Processing Aids Success Stories

Alumina Tailings Pond, Farm Field, and River

CGM Program Drives Improvements in Efficiency, Sustainability, Performance, and Cost at Alumina Plant

At a Mediterranean-based alumina plant, corporate social responsibility played a strong role in its daily operations.  With a focus on safety, optimal resource use, and minimized costs, the plant sought new and effective methods to improve overall process efficiency.  In partnering with the plant, Nalco Water determined that applying a crystal growth modifier could help drive the results that the plant needed.  Download the case study below to learn how Nalco Water's crystal growth modifier program helped to generate a value of over €743,000 per year in increased profitability and savings.

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