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Inalca SpA partnership with Nalco Water

Water is the most precious resource for leading Italian meat processor, Inalca SpA. The company processes up to 40,000 tons of meat per year at its Rieti plant, utilizing the most modern technology available and prioritizing safety and food quality. Nalco Water, an Ecolab company, partnered with Inalca to implement solutions to improve site process operations and reduce water and energy consumption. The partnership spanned several water management projects and resulted in annual savings of 3.7 million gallons (14 million liters) of water and more than $72,000 (€65,000).

Implementing solutions to reduce site water and energy consumption and improve site process operations.

Our partnership

How savings were achieved
  • For improved water preparation, replacement of the demineralizer (DEMI) plant with a Nalco Water reverse osmosis plant to reduce chemical use and total cost of operation;
  • To improve boiler asset reliability and reduce water and energy use, implementation of Nalco Water 3D TRASAR™ Boiler Technology;
  • For improved water reuse, vacuum pumps cooling water reuse as makeup water for evaporative condensers;
  • For improved cooling water reuse and recycling, installation of Stork® hydrostatic sterilizers and STOCK™ retorts sterilizers.
Service & Technology create exponential value for our customers
Resource Savings We achieved
WATER 3.7 million gallons (14 million liters) 
ENERGY  670,300 kWh
ASSETS  121,000 lbs (54,885 kg) of consumables
AIR 120 tons of CO2 emissions
SAFETY Zero accidents during the cooperation

(annual operation savings)

$ 72,000 (€ 65,000)

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