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CIP Additives, Boosters and Finishers for Personal Care and Cosmetic Manufacturing

Ecolab Clean in Place (CIP) additives, boosters and finishers are highly concentrated agents designed to boost performance of other cleaning solutions, giving an extra edge when cleaning specific soil targets in personal care and cosmetic manufacturing. Additionally, Ecolab includes additives that are especially effective as titanium dioxide cleaners, and silicone antifoam for rapid dispersing of foam in cosmetic manufacturing. 
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Effective on the Toughest Personal Care and Cosmetic Challenges

Ecolab additives and boosters for the personal care and cosmetic industry are ideal for removing complex and burnt on soils by enhancing the mechanical action of CIP systems and equipment. Examples include:

  • Compact residues, very rigid masks, peel-off masks, or formulas including charcoal
  • Odor left by toothpastes and mouth washes
  • Titanium dioxide
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Cleaning Products Provided by Personal Care and Cosmetic Manufacturing Experts

Specially formulated for personal care and cosmetic manufacturers, choose from a range of circulation cleaners, manual cleaners, disinfectants, additives and boosters.

Discover how you can develop a customized program for your facility’s specific needs that meet the latest regulatory standards and supported by our technical experts.

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