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Antimicrobial Soap

Antimicrobial Soaps

These products offer rapid antimicrobial kill for a wide variety of microorganisms and are recommended for use during patient care as part of a complete hand hygiene program. These products come in liquid and foam formulations to help you choose the best suited solution for your facility.
Equi-Mild Foam
Equi-Mild™ Foam Hand Soap

0.50% Benzalkonium Chloride formula clinically proven to exceed FDA requirements for Healthcare Personnel Handwash

Equi-Soft Foam Antimicrobial Hand Soap

Antimicrobial hand soap (0.55% Benzalkonium Chloride) that is clinically proven to deliver the efficacy of a medicated soap with the mildness of the market leading non-medicated soap.

Equi-Stat Antimicrobial Hand Soap

Equi-Stat is a cost-effective and efficacious triclosan-free alternative for your facility's antimicrobial soap needs. (0.5% Benzalkonium Chloride Formula)

Medi-Stat Antimicrobial Soap
Medi-Stat Antimicrobial hand Soap

Mild Healthcare Personnel Hand Wash containing 0.5% Chloroxylenol (PCMX) as an antimicrobial active. Medi-Stat contains aloe vera to help moisten and soothe skin during frequent use.

Nexa Hand Hygiene Dispensers
New flexible manual and touchfree choices to meet the hand hygiene dispensing needs of your hospital.