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Equi-Mild™ Foam Hand Soap

Ecolab’s antimicrobial hand soap (0.50% Benzalkonium Chloride) is a cost-effective and efficacious triclosan-free alternative for your facility’s antimicrobial soap needs.

Product Details

  • 0.50% Benzalkonium Chloride formula clinically proven to exceed FDA requirements for Healthcare Personnel Handwash1
  • Efficacy against standard healthcare micro-organisms as well as MDR Acinetobacter, VRE, CRE and multiple strains of MRSA2
  • Gentle foam rinses easily to remove residues that can lead to irritation Paraben-free formula helps reduce the opportunity for irritation and allergic reaction
  • Triclosan-free formula empowers you with an alternative for your antimicrobial hand soap needs


1BioScience Laboratories Inc. Study No. 140436-101, August 2014
In vitro testing data on file

Product Size Part Number Dispenser Type
4-1250 mL 6000231 Nexa™
6-750 mL 6000230 Nexa™
6 - 750 mL 6000233 Foam (Tango)
12-500 mL 6000232 n/a
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Nexa™ Hand Hygiene Dispensers

The flexible hygiene dispenser options help improve efficiency, the large bottle size extends interval between change-outs while the small bottle fits in the Classic dispenser. The hand hygiene dispenser evacuates products more fully, compared to a leading competitive dispensing system, especially for gels and lotions.