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Aquanomic 2.0
Low-Temp Laundry Solid Break

Low-Temp Laundry Solid Break is a booster product that provides an extra punch of alkalinity to the wash wheel. It is tough on soils and gentle on linens and is to be used on heavily soiled materials such as table linens, chef coats, greasy rags, incontinence pads, and diapers. The concentrated formula inhibits scale formation and controls water hardness to ensure linens remain white over time. Use in tandem with the Aquanomic Solid Detergent and the Smart Wash process.

Product Information

Product Code Pack Size
6101759 2 - 6 lb

Features and Benefits

  • Inhibits scale formation and controls water hardness to ensure linens remain white over time
  • Phosphate-free and NPE free - helps protect waterways and the environment
  • Innovative Aquanomic laundry system delivers Clean, White and Soft linen results with proven water and energy savings (up to 40%)
  • Preprogrammed Smart Wash Process reduces wash steps, water usage and water temperature - hard wired savings with every load
  • Solid chemistry means small, lightweight packages for easy storage, handling, and loading and to 74% less plastic waste; plus reduced exposure to chemicals
  • Out of product alarms help prevent product outages to ensure consistent results


  • Use as part of the Aquanomic solids program in select service hotels
  • For machines up to 135 lbs

Effective On/Against

  • Use to boost alkalinity for F&B linen and other heavily soiled linens
  • Use in 4th Product add-on dispenser with Aquanomic Solid Low Temp Detergent
  • Low temperature chemistry is specially formulated for superior performance at low wash temperatures and in a variety of water conditions