Bed Bug Toolkit

Bed Bug Toolkit

Be Proactive - Protect Your Business and Your Guests From Bed Bugs

Bed bugs in hotels have become one of the most challenging pests in the hospitality industry. The serious nature of bed bug infestations and the financial consequences of bed bugs mandate a thorough approach. Getting rid of bed bugs is a challenge, but Ecolab can help. Partner with Ecolab Pest Elimination to help protect your brand, guests and employees. 

Know Bed Bug Facts
After many years of virtual eradication from the hospitality industry, the bed bug is back and showing up in even the most exclusive hotels and resorts. Knowing how to get rid of bed bugs is crucial, but stopping an infestation before it happens can save your brand reputation. Which is why more hotels are becoming proactive when it comes to identifying the signs of bed bug infestations and ensuring they are controlled and eliminated as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Pests and Bed Bugs in Hotels:
Hear What Guests Have to Say
Easy access to online guest reviews means a single bed bug or other pest incident puts your brand at risk. A random sampling of hotel guests reveals surprisingly common pest stories. Watch the video to hear what really troubles guests about their hotel experiences, how they respond to it, and why a pest-free environment should be a priority for you.
Bed Bug Solutions and Training Tools
Bed bugs can put your brand at risk and while there is no way to prevent bed bugs from entering your facility on people or personal belongings, Ecolab can help you be proactive in proper bed bug control by identifying signs of bed bugs and addressing potential infestations.
Reduce Room Downtime by up to 9 Days
Ecolab bed bug treatments  help reduce room downtime by up to 9 days per incident and leads to overall cost savings of up to 36%.

Partners You Can Trust

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The Ecolab Difference
When you partner with Ecolab, insights can be gathered, analyzed and acted upon to proactively prevent bed bugs and other pests.
The Ecolab Response to CDC Report
Ecolab response to CDC report on illness related to insecticides used for bed bug control.
The American Hotel and Lodging Association

The American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA) is an industry trade group representing organizations of hotel owners.

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