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Rodent Ceiling Service

Ecolab's Rodent Ceiling Service is an effective new solution that proactively eliminates rodent activity within hard-to-access ceiling areas before it takes hold, helping to reduce your rodent risk.

Ceiling Protection: An Extension of our Outside-In Approach

Rodents are a growing business threat that damage a business's brand and compromise food safety. In fact, research shows that a negative online review that includes a photo of a pest spreads 2 to 3 times faster on social media than a post that does not include a photo.*

The Rodent Ceiling Service takes Ecolab's Rodent Elimination Program to the next level. This patent pending equipment is an extension to Ecolab's current program and the industry's standard perimeter approach. This service offers the following benefits:

  • Equipment serviced by highly trained Ecolab Service Specialists
  • Effective solutions for hard-to-access ceiling areas
  • Discreet design goes unnoticed by guests
  • Configuration optimized and adjustable

Implementation of the Rodent Ceiling Service has shown a 3 times faster reduction of interior rodent activity within a facility.**

**Based on Ecolab Data

KI Award Logo
Kitchen Innovation Award Winner
Our new Rodent Ceiling Device received the National Restaurant Association's Kitchen Innovation Award in 2020 in the USA.
Download the Rodent Ceiling Service Case Study

Reducing Rodent Risk Helps Protect Restaurant Brand

A national restaurant chain implemented Ecolab's Rodent Ceiling Service, resulting in more than 97% of locations having 0% ceiling activity after 1 year.

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Rodent Ceiling Service Demo Video
This video demonstrates the effectiveness of Ecolab's Rodent Ceiling Device within a ceiling void.

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