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Commercial Rodent Elimination Services

Rats and mice can spoil your food inventory, cause costly structural damage to your facility, and hurt your brand reputation. Protect your business with Ecolab’s comprehensive commercial rodent control services. We’ll help you stop current rodent infestations and prevent future ones, too.

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Our Rodent Elimination
Strategies Include:

  • Thorough inspections to identify rodent access points 
  • Proprietary trapping technology and commercial rodent bait stations,
    indoors and out 
  • Discreet rodent traps provide protection without alarming customers 
  • Rodenticide-free devices lower environmental impact and risk to humans, too 
  • Regular consultations with your Ecolab Service Specialist to prevent re-infestation

Partner with Ecolab for extensive commercial rodent control

  • Data-driven reporting makes it easy to prove regulatory compliance
  • Our team provides customer support 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Our educational resources help you inform your staff about rodent risks and prevention

Elevate Your Commercial Rodent Elimination Program

When you contact Ecolab to discuss rodent control, we’ll tailor a solution that fits the unique needs of your business and facility.

Restaurant Graphic / Ecolab Rodent Ceiling Service
Ecolab Rodent Ceiling Service

Once rats or mice infest your ceiling, they can be hard to control. Ecolab’s Rodent Ceiling Service combines specialized equipment for ceilings and voids with regular service to detect and eliminate rodent activity before it takes hold. 

Educational Resources

When it comes to rodents, early detection is key. Staff members—especially people working the night shift—are often the first to notice a mouse or rat problem. Use these resources to educate your employees on what to watch out for, so they can help prevent infestations.

Info Sheet: Rodents
Post this in the employee break room to raise awareness about rodent behavior and help staffers identify mice and rat activity.

Fact Sheet: Proactive Steps Against Rodents
Your Ecolab Service Specialist will create a comprehensive plan to stop rodent activity in your facility. With that said, here are some simple and immediate steps you can take to prevent rodent problems.

Article: How to Inspect Winter Deliveries for Rodents
Whether your food facility is located in the frigid North or warm South, winter months can significantly impact rodent behavior. Learn how to prevent a winter spike in pest activity.

White Paper: Science-Based Rodent Solutions for Rodents
In this in-depth report, learn about the “outside-in approach” that’s key to rodent elimination in the food and beverage industry.


Rodent Videos

Rodent Readiness

Ecolab's four-minute instructional video shares expert tips on how to proactively eliminate rodents from your facility.

See Ecolab Traps In Action

Our commercial rodent bait stations are highly effective at attracting mice and rats.

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