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Endure™ Mild Moisturizing Hand Soap

Soft, mild skin cleanser enriched with moisturizers and emollients to be gentle on the skin. It is available in liquid and foam formulas and provides a rich lather and excellent rinsability. Green Seal approved formula helps support sustainability efforts.

Product Details

  • Lathers quickly, rinses freely, minimizing residual lather that can cause irritation, helping to improve hand-washing compliance.
  • Enriched with skin conditioners and emollients to help protect against irritation and help keep skin smooth and soft.
  • Mild, pleasant fragrance promotes more frequent hand washing.
  • Green Seal certified and environmentally friendly.
Product Size Part Number Dispenser Type
8-1200 mL (Liquid) 60084252 Next Generation
8-1200 mL (Foam) 6089344 Next Generation
12-540 mL (US Only) 6018854 Disposacare
12-1000 mL (US Only) 6018830  Disposacare
6-750 mL 6018800 Foam