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Endure™ Sensitive Skin Foam Hand Soap

The Endure™ hand soap for sensitive skin is a dye and fragrance-free skin cleanser enriched with moisturizers and emollients for sensitive skin. Our foaming formula provides a rich and easy lather designed to minimize residue for great rinsability. Products come in many sizes to fit our foam dispensers and for fast refills in high-traffic rooms.

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Product Details

Hand soap for sensitive skin is dye-free, fragrance free formula lowers potential for skin irritation and allergic reactions. Endure sensitive skin hand soap also includes:

  • Skin-friendly surfactants in this hand soap are mild on skin. 
  • Skin conditioners and emollients that help protect against irritation and help keep skin smooth and soft.
  • Skin-neutral pH maintains skin’s delicate lipid/moisture balance.
  • Superior mildness promotes more frequent hand washing.
  • Our sensitive skin hand soap also lathers quickly, rinses freely, minimizing residual lather that can cause irritation, helping to improve hand-washing compliance.
Product Size Part Number Dispenser Type
6-750 mL  6000063  Nexa Compact 
4-1250 mL  6000084  Nexa Classic 
8-1200 mL 6083911 Next Generation
(Manual & Touchfree)
6-750 mL 6023701

Foam Dispenser

12-535 mL 6000183 n/a (tabletop)
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