housekeeping employee in a training program with instructor spraying and wiping a bathtub clean

Housekeeping Training Program for Hospitality

Your housekeeping training program can make or break your reputation. Ecolab’s innovative, streamlined solutions, along with world-class training and tools, let you clean with confidence. With Ecolab as your partner, it’s easier for you to deliver a clean, safe and welcoming environment that protects your reputation and your bottom line.

DP Hotels Testimonial for Ecolab Partnership

The Sleep Inn, part of the DP Hotels Group, in Fort Lauderdale, FL shares the value it sees by partnering with Ecolab to achieve optimal results through individualized housekeeping training solutions across all their lodging properties.

Little Palm Island Resort Testimonial for Ecolab Partnership

Little Palm Island Resort in the Florida Keys shares the value they see in the personalized relationship with Ecolab, that can solve for any problem, regardless of geography or local conditions. 

Receptionist signing documents with a red pen on a wooden table

Housekeeping Training Program Brochure

See how Ecolab offers a complete program to match your entire range of housekeeping needs to deliver outstanding guest satisfaction.

Ecolab scrub free hospital grade disinfectant bottle with air pump and pink fluid on top of a white counter

Product Feature: Scrub Free Cleaning Is Here

Designed to make the cleaning process easier, faster and safer, the Scrub Free Bathroom Cleaning and Disinfecting System will revolutionize the way our customers clean. The high-performance solution, an EPA-registered bathroom cleaner and hospital-grade disinfectant, combined with the ergonomically-designed foam, will deliver exceptional results and just as importantly, a positive user experience.

Hotel room with wood panel walls and a bed

Odor Care

Room odor consistently ranks in the top five most frequent guest complaints so when it comes to creating positive experiences, success is in the details.
Hospital lobby with tile floors and a yellow striped reception desk

Floor Care

Your customers’ commitment to a superior guest experience may be impacted by dirty and unappealing carpets and floors in public spaces and in guest rooms. Ecolab offers superior carpet and floor care solutions and training to help you meet and exceed your guest and visitor expectations.
Restroom with two porcelain sinks and a wall mirrors and a tray of beauty products

Bathroom Cleaning

Spotless, germ-free restrooms keep guests and visitors happy and healthy. Choose from heavy-duty alkaline bathroom cleaners and disinfectants, multi-surface and glass cleaners, specialty cleaners and restroom cleaning tools.
Hospitality housekeeper fastening a cleaning roller onto a pole and wiping the restroom floor

Housekeeping Tools

The Ecolab Housekeeping Training Program has a line of quality cleaning tools designed to help improve efficiency, results and the user experience for your staff.