Room Refreshers

Oasis™ and Oasis Pro™ Room Refreshers are heavy duty air fresheners and deodorizers specially formulated with long-lasting ingredients to provide odor control for hours when used as directed under normal circumstances.

Variety of scents to meet the needs of your brand:

  • Clean Escape
    • Clear crystal waters infused with the essence of fresh aloe, calming black tea leaf, warm musk, an a touch of sparkling bergamot orange.
  • Laundry Fresh
    • Sun-dried linen illuminated by fresh floral accents and a breezy touch of clean white musk.
  • Garden Sunshine
    • An inviting bouquet infused with the essence of calming jasmine, delicate peony and a touch of velvety peach.
  • Morning Breeze
    • Fresh aloe infused with a touch of garden herbs and crisp green apples with a zesty splash of citrus.
  • Island Wave
    • A fresh ocean breeze carrying notes of juicy melon with a hint of soothing coconut.
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Room Refreshers


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