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Total Body Shampoo - Nexa Compact

Total Body Shampoo

Total Body Shampoo is a protein enriched, conditioning hair and body wash formulated to soothe and moisturize hair and skin. Its soft, rich lather gently cleanses and rinses cleanly and can be diluted for use as a no-rinse bed/bath or perineal cleanser.

Product Details

  • Enriched with moisturizers, conditioners and emollients
  • Lathers quickly, rinses freely
  • Fresh, clean fragrance
Product Size Part Number Dispenser Type
72-4 oz
6021162 N/A
12-540 mL 6048562 Disposacare
12-1000 mL 6067132 Disposacare
10-1000 mL 6025773 Bullseye
6-750 mL  6000064  Nexa Compact