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Ecolab TRUPOWER™ is a versatile hard-working solution that delivers clean dishes and clear satisfaction everyday in diverse water conditions. The warewashing program powers efficiencies in your restaurant through reduced rewash, hand polishing and dry times; allowing for faster return to service and supporting positive guest experiences.

TRUPOWER™ Rinse Additive (Heavy Duty): Dry Time Demo

Watch the video to see how TRUPOWER™ chemistry helps reduce rewash, hand polishing and dry times.

TRUPOWER™ Dishmachine Detergent (Heavy Duty): Stain Removal Demo

Watch the video to see how the heard-working TRUPOWER™ Heavy Duty detergent removes tough soils and stains.

Clean Dishes. Clear Satisfaction.

Ecolab TRUPOWER Brochure

By combining innovative hard-working chemistry and measurable operational results, the TRUPOWER™ warewashing program helps get the job done in your kitchen, so you can focus on what you do best: delivering great food to satisfied guests.

Glass with no rinse additive has spots, but glass with Ecolab rinse additive has no spots and is visibly clean

What is a rinse additive and should my restaurant be using one?

The benefits when using a rinse additive in your dishwashing process