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Ecolab Hospitality Program

Better for your guests. Better for your business.

Our complete program meets the cleanliness needs of your lobby, guest rooms, dining and engineering. The Ecolab difference is prepared and proactive with around-the-clock emergency service, global reach and ongoing employee training.

Explore how Ecolab's cleaning and disinfecting solutions can help you shine from the lobby to the guestrooms, from the pool to the laundry and across your entire operation.

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Learn more about how our cleaning and disinfection solutions, combined with our dedicated sales and service team can help keep your guests coming back. Contact your local Ecolab representation at 1 800 35 CLEAN.
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Coronavirus (COVID-19):

Protection Starts With Prevention

Strategies for Hotel and Hospitality Operations

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has brought huge impact to the entire world and more specifically to the way people live and think. Ecolab is here to work with you and navigate these unprecedented challenges to your operation together, sharing critical and relevant information to help prevent the spread of infection and provide guidance on re-opening and maintaining a clean, safe and healthy operation.

Ecolab Lodging Solutions

Learn more about Ecolab’s comprehensive solutions for lodging properties by viewing the Lodging Solutions Video.


On-Premise Laundry

Learn how we help you maintain clean, soft linens and manage the total costs of your operation.
Ecolab Science Certified program food safety training.


See how Ecolab leads the way with systems that offer consistent results and operational efficiency.

Housekeeping for Lodging

See how Ecolab offers a complete program to meet all of your housekeeping needs.


Floor Care for Lodging

Learn how Ecolab offers superior carpet and floor care solutions to help you meet and exceed your guest expectations.

Hand Hygiene

See how our hand hygiene system combines innovative chemistry with effective training to help develop healthy habits.

Pool and Spa

Read how our solutions help you maintain clear, sparkling water and safe, stable chemistry.

Water Quality Solutions

Learn how Ecolab’s filtration and softening solutions are designed for maximum safety and efficiency.
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Promoting guest satisfaction by ensuring clean, safe and comfortable environments, all in the most sustainable way.


Pest Elimination

See how our Pest Elimination Program uses a proactive, science-based approach to keep pests out of your operation.
Hospitality Laundry

Textile Care

As a trusted provider of total cleaning solutions for diverse hospitality customers, only Ecolab supports commercial linen laundries with superior solutions, unmatched service and expert knowledge of the hospitality laundry industries.
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In a post-pandemic world, the need to advance your clean and safe performance has never been greater. Staff and customers need to feel protected and you need to ensure consistent brand standard execution. EcoSure offers comprehensive expertise in food safety, guest satisfaction, and workplace safety to deliver outcomes that matter to our customers around the globe.


Food Safety Specialties

Learn how we can help you keep your food safe and your kitchen clean and efficient.
Ecolab Science Certified program training on ipad tablet.

Lobster Ink

About the Training

Reducing risk in your operation requires a commitment to ensuring staff understand public health matters and proper procedures. Ecolab training specialists have designed an interactive curriculum with new courses specifically for the Ecolab Science Certified program centered on essential public health protocols, food safety, and housekeeping best practices, covering the most relevant topics including COVID-19 basics, social distancing, proper use of PPE, heightened sanitation, and how to approach guest interactions.

Using Lobster Ink's dynamic online training platform, Ecolab Science Certified customers can ensure fast onboarding, flexible learning, and detailed reporting for all employees, which is critical for businesses with high employee turnover.