Food Safety Solutions

With over 30 years of experience from our innovative Daydots® food rotation labels and color-coded cutting boards, to our floor cleaning tools, sanitizer pails and personal protective equipment, our comprehensive line of food safety and employee & guest safety products helps you establish and maintain food safety best practices throughout key areas in your foodservice operations.

From the front of the house to the back of the house, our products in Food Rotation, Food Preparation, Time & Temperature, Cleaning, and Safety help improve every aspect of your operation.

Innovative solutions designed for the foodservice industry

Food Rotation

Labeling is critical for the safety of foods, and ensuring food safety is critical to protecting your brand. In some cases, food looks fine, but date-marking food appropriately with Use-By dates is the only way to ensure that food is used within safe limits before bacteria or other pathogens have grown to dangerous levels. Daydots® labels play an integral role in ensuring the food you prepare is safe to serve and safe to eat. 

Food Prep
Ecolab offers a variety of food prep solutions designed to enhance food safety and encourage compliance. Our product offerings are based on FDA food code best practices and requirements. We can help you reduce the risk of cross-contamination with our food-safe supplies. 
Time & Temp

When it comes to food safety, proper temperature control is crucial. Foodborne illness is a common result of consuming undercooked or improperly cooked/reheated food. Help ensure the safety of the food you serve by using our easy-to-read thermometers and other temperature-related products. 


We understand the importance of impeccable cleanliness in your operations. Our product solutions ensure that you maintain cleanliness and productivity in your workplace while protecting your employees and customers. 


Our innovative safety solutions help protect employees and guests. Products such as face masks, forehead thermometers, first aid kits and GHS stations help keep you in compliance with OSHA and other applicable standards.