Bed Bugs

Teaming Up Against Bed Bugs
This instructional video teaches you how to inspect for bed bugs and provides the information you need to help protect your business, guests, and brand reputation.
Thermal Enclosure Demo
See how Ecolab’s Thermal Enclosure gently heats infested furniture and belongings, killing all life stages of bed bugs. This technology can save on furniture replacement costs. 
Guest Voices - Why Pest-Free Environments Matter
A random sampling of hotel guests reveals surprisingly common pest stories. Watch the video to hear what really troubles guests about their hotel experiences, how they respond to it, and why a pest-free environment should be a priority for you. 
General Hotels Testimonial for Ecolab
General Hotels Corporation shares the value it sees partnering with Ecolab Pest Elimination and having the confidence that their hotels are pest-free. Learn more at


Cockroach Flushing Demo

Watch this demo video to show why flushing drives cockroaches from their harborage sites and gets better results in eliminating this pest.



Cockroach Colony Growth
How fast does it take 100 cockroaches to become 6,000? Watch this time-lapsed video to see how fast cockroaches can quickly take over your establishment.
Ecolab Cockroach Webinar Recording
Learn tips for preventing cockroaches from entering your establishment.


Zika Virus Webinar: Ecolab and CDC
Webinar recording featuring the latest facts around Zika Virus and how you can reduce your risk of disease transmission through a proactive mosquito prevention program

Large Flies

Stealth Fly Light Demo
Our proprietary STEALTH™ LED Fly Light helps reduce flies and uses 60% less energy compared to traditional fly lights. This product is the winner of the 2017 National Restaurant Association's Kitchen Innovations Award.
Why You Don't Want a Fly as a Friend
Ecolab Pest Elimination expert, Dr. John Barcay, shows typical large fly behaviors in a way you have never seen before.  Learn how large flies can jeopardize food safety and how Ecolab’s multifaceted, science-based program proactively addresses large fly activity at your facility to help protect your food, your guests’ experience, and your brand reputation.
Stealth Fly Station Demo
The STEALTH™ Fly Station discreetly eliminates flies on the outside, while reducing flies entering your facility by up to 50%. This product is the winner of the 2012 National Restaurant Association's Kitchen Innovations Award. 
Food Safety Webinar: Large Flies
Watch a recording of the June 2017 Food Safety Webinar: Large Flies. Ecolab experts discuss large fly biology and behavior, how to prevent large flies from entering your facility, pest seasonality, and how to choose the right pest provider.
Teaming Up Against Large Flies
Watch this short video on the importance of keeping large flies out of your facility. Ecolab researches fly biology and behavior to help protect your food safety and your reputation. The more you know about large flies, the better you can keep them out of your facility.

Small Flies

Teaming Up Against Small Flies
Watch this educational video on how to address the top sanitation and structural issues that contribute to small flies.
Drain Cleaning for Small Fly Prevention
To prevent small flies from breeding and feeding in your drains, follow these drain cleaning steps to reduce the conditions where they thrive.
Small Flies Create Big Problems
Don’t let their size fool you. Small flies can create big problems for businesses. These types of flies can indicate a sanitation or structural issue. Watch this short video on the importance of partnering with the experts at Ecolab to eliminate small flies in your establishment.
Food Safety Webinar: Small Flies
Watch a recording of the June 2018 Food Safety Webinar: Small Flies. Ecolab Pest Elimination experts discuss small fly biology and behavior, how to prevent small flies from entering your facility, and Ecolab’s recent research that shows that small (“fruit”) flies can transfer dangerous pathogens.


Rodent Readiness
Be ready for the possibility of rodent infestation. Rodent readiness covers all areas of repelling, eliminating and removing of rodents from your business.
Rodent Attractant
This video illustrates the highly effectiveness of Ecolab's rat and mouse attractant bait.
Rodents: Impact on Food Safety
Learn about rodent biology and behavior and how to prevent them from entering your facility. We also talk about the seasonality of pests choosing the best pest partner to meet your pest elimination needs.

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