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Ecolab Cleaners, Disinfectants, and Cleaners for Hospitals

Cleaners and disinfectants for Hospitals

Multiple harmful microorganisms may remain virulent throughout days or even months. They are also easily transmittable from one surface to another. Proper surface disinfection, including also bigger surfaces and floor, is necessary to maintain a healthy environment. Ecolab offers hospitals and healthcare facilities a comprehensive range of cost effective, concentrated cleaners and disinfectants for treating larger surfaces and floors as well as medical devices.
Ecolab Patient Room Program

We help preserve the investment in your patient rooms.

The Ecolab Patient Room Program helps solve your toughest cleaning challenges and elevates your hospital patient room cleaning procedures by enabling you to achieve sustained outcomes to a specified level of cleanliness.

Ecolab Ready to Use Cleaner
Ready-to-use disinfectants
We offer a comprehensive range of cost-effective ready-to-use cleaners for treating larger surfaces and medical devices.
Ecolab Patient Room Program
Patient Room Cleaning​
Your patients count on you to deliver a clean and safe environment with environmental hygiene and hospital patient room cleaning procedures that deliver consistently clean results.
OxyCide Dilution Management System
Oxycide™ Dilution Management System
One-button dispensing designed with precision components to deliver the correct dilution of OxyCide Daily Disinfectant Cleaner.
Floor and Carpet Care for Hospitals
Floor Care For Hospitals​
Reflect your commitment to care with effective Ecolab floor care solutions designed for high efficiency and ease of use.

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