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Klerwipe™ Neutral Detergent Pouch Wipes

Ecolab Klerwipe™ Neutral Detergent Pouch Wipes are sterile, low particulate wipes impregnated with neutral detergent. The detergent is 0.2 micron filtered then filled and double bagged in a Grade C / ISO Class 5 cleanroom before being terminally sterilized by gamma irradiation. Available as a ready-to-use wipe in a resealable pouch, featuring Klertear™ on outer wraps, for small surfaces.

Features and Benefits

  • Use: Daily cleaning for large and small surfaces, and for use following excursions and shutdowns.
  • Format: Available in pouch and mop wipes. All formats are double bagged.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with an extensive range of cleanroom surfaces and the Klercide™ and Klerwipe™ range.

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