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Ecolab Liquid Laundry Program

Delivering simple, reliable and efficient results.

The Ecolab Liquid Laundry Program offers enhanced stain-fighting power to help you reduce rewash and decrease the amount of time spent in the laundry room.

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Wear and Tear Isn’t the Problem With Laundry. It’s Stains.

86% of linens are discarded due to stains, compared to only 5% for wear and tear. Our high-powered, alkaline detergents remove stains and increase whiteness the first time, every time.

Laundry Detergent Ultra and Laundry Detergent Plus

Laundry Detergent Ultra

Our most advanced built detergent that targets your toughest stains and excels in all water conditions.

  • Premium stain-fighting product that eliminates a wide variety of stains
  • Treats hard water and improves linen whiteness
  • Light, pleasant fragrance
Laundry Detergent Plus

Powerful built detergent that breaks up tough stains.

  • Targets cosmetic stains and oily soils
  • Dye- and fragrance-free