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Ecolab Solid
Laundry Program

A Hard-Working, Ergonomic Laundry Program

The Ecolab Solid On Premise Laundry Program is a consistent, simple 3-product program designed to enhance guest and residence safety, tackle tough stains and promote a safe and simple operation for staff.

Tackles Tough Stains

Stains and soils are the biggest challenge of laundry professionals and the number one reason for discarded linens.

Ecolab’s high-performing, stain fighting program removes stains and restores whiteness and brightness across various laundry conditions.

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Promotes Safe, Simple
Operation for Staff

  • Requires less physical strain compared to traditional liquid laundry programs
  • Closed-loop system reduces exposure to chemicals
  • Easy-to-use and simplifies training
  • Help reduce rewash and enable consistent results with out-of-product alarm

Simple 3-Product Program

Aquanomic 2.0 Low-Temp Laundry Solid Detergent

Solid Laundry Detergent

Solid product that is NPE and Phosphate free formulated to deliver premium linen results. It helps remove the toughest soils, leaving the linens whiter and brighter after wash.

Aquanomic 2.0 Low-Temp Solid Laundry Sour

Solid Laundry Sour Soft

Solid product that provides souring capabilities to bring linens to skin-compatible pH and protects linen from chlorine damage, prolonging linen life, and is effective on all fabrics.

Low-Temp Laundry Solid Chlorine Sanitizer

Aquanomic™ Low-Temp Laundry Solid Chlorine Sanitizer

Solid product that sanitizes linen, lengthens linen life by bleaching soils and preserving linen integrity.

Reasons for Discarded Linens:

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86% of discarded linens are due to stains and soils.1

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9% of linens are discarded due to poor cleaning procedures.1

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5% of discarded linens are due to natural wear and tear over time.1

1Ecolab in Market Linen-Life Research, June 2014.

Related On Premise Laundry Programs

Hospitality associate looking at an Ecolab liquid laundry solution

Ecolab’s Liquid Laundry Program

Offering enhanced stain-fighting power to help you reduce rewash and decrease the amount of time spent in the laundry room.

Ecolab Aquanomic Low-Temp Laundry Program - woman sitting on a bed looking out the window

Aquanomic™ Low-Temp Laundry Program

See how Aquanomic™ helps reduce water and energy usage and provides clean, white and soft results.

Ecolab On-demand Digital Training on a tablet

Digital Training

On-Demand Digital Training helps address today’s labor challenges and heightened levels of clean through task-based training available 24/7 on any device.


Stain Management

StainBlaster™ from Ecolab provides professional stain-fighting performance for your professional operation.

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