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Commercial Odor Care

Tackle tough odors with long-lasting, versatile odor control solutions

Smell is a critical factor in the perception of cleanliness, and cleanliness is key for inspiring confidence and ensuring satisfaction in your spaces. For example, in hotel and hospitality settings, room odor is one of the top five most frequent guest complaints.

Effective, consistent and quality odor control can be hard to find, which is why Ecolab has developed a variety of commercial odor control products that combat the toughest odors and ensure a positive experience--in commercial facilities, schools, hotels and beyond.

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Comprehensive Odor Eliminators and Air Fresheners

Our odor care products target and eliminate odor in three key ways:

  1. Pairing: Combines fragrance with odor to create a pleasant new scent.
  2. Binding: Traps odor to create a new, unscented molecule.
  3. Biodegrading: Uses enzymatic action to break down the source of odor.

Browse our full offering of odor and air care products.

Room Refreshers

Oasis™ and Oasis Pro™ Room Refreshers are heavy-duty commercial air fresheners and deodorizers specially formulated with long-lasting ingredients to provide odor control for hours.

Bio-Enzymatic Odor Eliminator

This simple and easy-to-use commercial odor eliminator removes tough odors such as urine and body odor, as well as smells caused by pets and trash.

Zeph Air

This tough odor remover is designed to eliminate odors on soft surfaces such as carpet, rugs, upholstery, curtains, clothes, and other fabrics.

Odor to Product Match Guide

Not all odors are the same. Whether you’re looking for hotel room odor removal, a hotel lobby air freshener or commercial odor neutralizer, our Odor to Product Match Guide can help you select the right solution for your needs. Use the guide to learn more and see how Ecolab can outperform the competition.

Odor Care Products

Learn More About Our Odor Eliminators, Neutralizers and Room Refreshers

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Our products are 45% more effective on malodor than the leading competitor.

Our odor control and air care solutions are:

Designed for the type and strength of odors found in hotel hospitality settings
Effective against critical odor challenges (smoke, urine, body odor and more)
Backed by science
Easy-to-use and achieve great results


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  • Compared to nearest competitor’s label of similar product.