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When It Comes to Clean, the Nose Knows.

Smell is a key factor in the perception of clean, and what the nose smells leaves a memorable impression — good or bad. In fact, room odor is one of the top five most frequent guest complaints.1 Tackle your toughest odors with Ecolab’s odor eliminators, room refreshers, odor neutralizers and various other air freshener systems.


Welcome to Fresh.

Ecolab offers solutions specifically formulated with patented technology to eliminate both everyday smells and your toughest odor challenges. The result? Air that’s not only clear but clean as well. So, go ahead: Take a deep breath and experience a clean that passes the sniff test.


Our Science. Your Success.

Ecolab’s odor control solutions target and eliminate odors in three ways:

Pairing Odors Diagram

Combines fragrance with odor to create a pleasant new scent.

Binding Odors Diagram

Traps odor to create a new, unscented molecule.

Biodegrading Odors Diagram

Uses enzymatic action to break down the source of odor.

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Odor to Product Match Guide

Not all odors are the same. Whether you’re looking to eliminate everyday odors or tackle stubborn smells, our Odor to Product Match Guide can help you select the right solution for your needs. Use the guide to learn more and see how Ecolab can outperform the competition.

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Learn more about our odor eliminators, neutralizers and room refreshers

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Air Care Solutions For Every Smell and Space 

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Our complete housekeeping program disinfects and freshens rooms, eliminates everyday odors and tough smells, and has solutions for every space to increase guest satisfaction and decrease turnover time.

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Long-Term Care

In addition to freshening your spaces, our comprehensive solutions can help you maintain a hygienically clean environment, resulting in a welcoming, healthy and safe community.

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From eliminating restroom odors to general freshening and cleaning, our streamlined solutions help you create a sparkling first impression by keeping your spaces fresh and inviting.

Helping You Clean More Efficiently with Confidence

Whether you’re in charge of a private or public space, Ecolab’s Air Care Solutions are just one part of our comprehensive housekeeping and janitorial programs. In addition to freshening your spaces, we also offer streamlined solutions for cleaning and disinfecting, along with world-class training and tools to help you provide a healthy, clean and welcoming environment.

  • Find superior products that fit your problems
  • Clean and disinfect with 2x faster kill rates*
  • Train employees on the right procedures
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Achieve the best results — every time
  • Receive unparalleled service you can trust
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It's as Easy as 2+1

Ecolab offers a complete program to match your entire range of housekeeping and janitorial needs.

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Ecolab odor Care solutions Brochure
air care solutions for every smell and space

*Compared to nearest competitor’s label of similar product.

1Statista. Most common complaints of hotel guests from the United States as of March 2015. https://www.statista.com/statistics/427822/most-common-hotel-guest-complaints-us/.