Single Ecolab air freshener cartridge for large commercial spaces with replacement notification side lights.

Large Space Air Freshener

Enhance the guest experience starting with their first step in the door with air freshening from Ecolab’s Large Space Air Freshener.

This programmable air care device provides consistent fragrance in large spaces such as hotel lobbies, long-term care common spaces, commercial locations and private/public building receptions, hallways and event rooms. The commercial air freshener for large areas is designed with “Vibrating Mesh” technology to quickly disperse fragrance and allow for longer suspension for a more enjoyable customer experience. Create a welcoming guest experience with a commercial large room air freshener by Ecolab.

Commercial brochure on the influence of large room air fresheners for odor control in public lobbies.

Large Space Air Freshener


Front cover of Ecolab air care and large room air freshener product brochure showing satisfied people and pets.

Ecolab Air Care Solutions