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Zephair Odor Remover


Odor Remover

  • A tough odor remover designed to eliminate odors on soft surfaces such as carpet, rugs, upholstery, curtains, clothes, and other fabrics.
  • Enhance the guest experience of a clean and fresh room.
  • Avoid potential revenue loss from room shutdown due to malodors.
  • Specifically formulated for the type and strength of odors found in hospitality and long-term care settings, office buildings, schools and more, delivering odor fighting power that consumer alternatives simply can't match.

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Ecolab ZephAir Odor Control Promotion with Fogger
Eliminate Smoke odors from your Guest Rooms

For a Limited Time, Get the FogMaster Jr. for $50 when you purchase ZephAir™ Citrus Cucumber

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Imagine Guest Rooms that smell as fresh as they look. ZephAir Citrus Cucumber is up to 40% more effective than the leading competition*. Using a fogger helps cover a large area and penetrate fabrics evenly without saturating or splattering surfaces. Save on the complete smoke elimination system now!

*Independent research study, July 2017

Three fragrances to choose from:

All products are effective against smoke and food odors such as cigarettes, tobacco, garlic, onions and curry.
  • Zephair™ Citrus Cucumber is a fresh melon scent with a hint of citrus and cucumber. Uniquely effective against cannabis smoke. Up to 40% more effective than leading competition*. (6101807, 6101808, 6101809)
  • Zephair™ Mountain Mist is a fresh, brisk and clean fragrance. (6112043, 6100984, 6100985)
  • Zephair™ Clean White Cotton mixes breezy air, a tough of floral and hints of jasmine. (6100129, 6100132, 6100133)

*Source: Malodor Reduction Efficacy Testing Report, St. Croix Sensory, Sponsored by Ecolab July 2017

product information

Zephair Image
Zephair™ Tough Odor Remover 

Fast odor elimination technology immediately knocks down malodor molecules, without leaving an oily residual.