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AQMatic™ Valves
and Controls

Nalco Water provides AQMatic (formerly AquaMatic) Valves and Controls for softeners, filters or virtually any system using a valve nest assembly or valve body. These robust and simple controls can include stagers, simple timers, flow meters or user-operated buttons.

Knowing which valve to use can be very difficult, but our experts can walk you through the process and make sure you have the right part.

Standard/Simple Controls

AQMatic™ Standard/Simple Controls:

  • Time clock
  • Volume flow meter for hardness/contamination or unit capacity
  • Differential pressure for use with multimedia systems to load up with particulates before regeneration
  • Manual: User-operated buttons
Pretreatment parts and components

AQMatic™ Stager Controls

AQMatic stager controls are used to automatically control softeners, dealkalizers, sand filters, multi-media filters, cation and anion deionizers.

A stager is a motor-driven rotary multiport pilot valve, which is used to control a set of individual diaphragm valves in a predefined sequence.

Nalco Water uses AQMatic stager controls for many of the systems we manufacture. We use AQMatic valves with a variety of stager control combinations to automate the operation and/or regeneration of valve nest type water softeners and filters.

These same stager controls can be used with pneumatic actuated valves from other manufacturers if the actuators is air/spring.

Nalco Water experts have extensive knowledge in stager controls and can advise on parts and service units in the field. Contact us for AQMatic Stager Control parts, troubleshooting and service.

AQMatic Metal Diaphragm Valves brochure

AQMatic™ Diaphragm Valves and Parts

AQMatic diaphragm valves and parts can be operated on air or water and are very flexible in their applications. They are easy to maintain and easily serviced by maintenance staff. AquaMatic diaphragm valves are the most commonly used valve in water treatment and are available in a wide range of sizes from three-quarters of an inch to six inches.

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