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Alkaline Liquid Neutralizer

Ecolab Alkaline Liquid Neutralizer agent for use in ultrasonic cleaners and automated washers for neutralizing alkaline residues left on surgical instruments and washer equipment.

Alkaline Liquid Neutralizer contains citric acid and a chelating agent. This product is not a medical instrument sterilant or high-level disinfectant for hospitals or healthcare facilities.

Ecolab Instrument Reprocessing Room

Surgical Site Infection Prevention

Studies confirm that inadequate cleaning of surgical instruments continues to be a challenge for many hospitals. Studies have also shown that contaminated instruments can cause sterilization and disinfection failures that pose a health risk for surgical site infections (SSIs).

The Ecolab Central Sterile Program takes a comprehensive approach to the sterilization of surgical instruments, helping to monitor and standardize processes to drive measurable improvements in your hospital.


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