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Hotel operators worldwide trust Nalco Water as their strategic partner for water treatment solutions to support their hotel asset management, sustainability and operational goals. Our holistic water management programs and services help hotel properties reduce cooling tower water usage and energy consumption, and manage Legionella risk.  

Legionella Risk Management for Hotels

The municipal water that enters your property is not sterile; it can harbor Legionella bacteria, which can cause severe illness and even death. As the global leader in water risk management, Nalco Water is uniquely qualified to help you manage Legionella risk to protect the health of guests, staff and the surrounding community.


Cooling Tower Water Treatment for Hotels

For safe, simple and sustainable hotel water treatment, consider our 3D TRASAR™ Solid Cooling Water Program. 3D TRASAR™ automation technology helps reduce operating costs and extend hotel asset life with real-time dosing control and 24/7 system monitoring. Solid chemistry bricks and canisters eliminate the need to haul heavy pails and handle liquid chemistries.


Real-World Hotel Success Stories

We help operators support smart hotel asset management. Learn more about our water treatment programs, services and strategies:

Upward angle of a hotel sign of a six-story hotel.

Supporting Safe, Simple, Sustainable Water Treatment with InterContinental Hotels & Resorts

InterContinental Madrid reduces energy use and packaging waste while improving employee safety

Large hotel at night overlooking a large pool and patio.

Helping Marriott Deliver on its Sustainability Commitments

Marriott saves 2.46 million gallons of water annually across three Hawaii properties

A well-lit, immaculately clean, white and natural wood hotel lobby.

Reducing Hotel Energy and Water Usage in a Water-Stressed Region

One property saves 2.6 million gallons of water and doubles cooling tower cycles of concentration

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Featured Solutions for Hotels

Legionella Control Strategies

Water Risk Management Programs

Manage Legionella risk in even the most complex hotel water systems

Cooling Water Treatment

Cooling Water Treatment Solutions

Optimize cooling tower operations while conserving water and protecting public health

Water Management and Treatment Programs for Hotels

A boiler in a large and clean boiler room.

Boiler Water Treatment

Support smart hotel asset management with corrosion and scale protection for boiler systems

Operator loads a dry chemistry brick into a 3DT Solid Cooling Water housing.

3D TRASAR™ Solid Cooling Water Program

Solid chemistry and best-in-class automation to optimize cooling tower water usage and operating costs for hotels

Large cooling tower system.

Cooling Tower Cleaning and Disinfection

Help protect valuable cooling assets while optimizing economic and environmental benefits

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