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Food Safety Matters Webinars are free web presentations featuring food industry, academic, regulatory and culinary experts presenting topics surrounding the diverse aspects of food safety. Webinar topics range from daily food handling situations to pest control, implications of regulatory changes, microbial risks such as norovirus, and more. Each webinar is archived, and attendees can receive continuing education certificates for live or delayed viewing.

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upcoming food safety matters webinars

When: Tuesday, June 19 - 11 a.m. Eastern Time

As an all-too-common sight in food service facilities, fruit flies have long been thought to be simply nuisance pests. But new, groundbreaking research from Ecolab Pest Elimination's R&D scientists has shown that this tiny fly can be a significant health threat - on par with the known disease-carrying hazards of the house fly. 

This session will teach you:

1. Difference between large flies (a.k.a. House Flies) and small flies (a.k.a. Fruit Flies)

2. Why fruit flies are present in food-handling facilities including restaurants and food processing

3. Understanding of the biology and habits of fruit flies

4. What risks fruit flies pose to food safety and public health as demonstrated by Ecolab’s research

5. What food-handling establishments can do to help prevent and eliminate them from their facilities.

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Ecolab Food Safety Matters Webinars are presented quarterly.

The 2018 Food Safety Webinar dates:

  • Thursday, March 22 - 11 a.m. Eastern Time

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