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Clean hands help protect patient health. Making good hand hygiene a habit is one of the most important ways to protect patient health.
Studies and Publications 

A comparison of antimicrobial efficacy of alcohol based hand rubs: Impact of product format and active concentration

Authors: Littau C., Burns N., Wegner J.

Publication: Presented at 2013 APIC Annual Conference

Use of an extended controlled application technique model to evaluate skin compatibility of a new alcohol based hand rub

Authors: Littau C., White B., Wegner J

Presented at 2013 APIC Annual Conference

Comparison of waterless alcohol-based hand antiseptics on moisturization efficacy in subjects with dry skin

Authors: K. Thompson, RA Harpeher, PhD., T. Vella, RN, DS DeVorn BS, M Hendricks, MBA

Investigation of the effects of consumer market lotions versus professional grade lotions in combination with alcohol hand antiseptics: a comparative study of skin health effects and glove compatibility

Authors: Littau C., Thompson K

Guidelines & Recommendations

WHO Guidelines for Hand Hygiene in Healthcare (2009)

CDC Guideline for Hand Hygiene in Healthcare Settings (2002)

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