Industrial Gases

Efficiency, reliability and productivity are vitally important to your bottom line. With our focus on resource management, emissions reduction and innovative cost management, we can help you meet your goals by implementing solutions that are sustainable, reliable, efficient and profitable.
The Lifeline for the Industrial Gas Industry

Nalco Water offers holistic solutions for the Industrial Gas Industry. For air separation and hydrogen gas operations, our connected, end-to-end digital solutions take data to action to protect your critical assets, streamline pre- and post-treatment operations, and maintain steam reliability. 

Bio Management
Water Safety Experts & Expertise

Our Water Safety Experts provide expertise to protect people and businesses from the risks of waterborne pathogens. Meet them by clicking below or visit our Water Safety page to learn more about how we are uniquely qualified to help you manage and reduce Legionella risk.

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Learn more about how we take automation to the next level to prevent, prolong and predict outcomes that matter to you.


Learn more about best-in-class biocide program to help control microbiological activity, ultimately providing reliable operations and reduced costs.

Customer Success Stories

3D TRASAR™ Technology for Cooling Water Reduces Water Consumption

Fresh makeup water consumption was reduced by 102,000 m3 per year, equivalent to the total water consumption of 1,300 people in China for one year. The reduced TCO for the air separation plant contributed from Nalco Water treatment is US$ 34,500.

Heat Exchangers
Water Consumption Reduced More than 150,000 m3/year

This case study provides an overview of these efforts at one of the world’s largest nitrogen facilities. During startup, a program to solve a heat exchange problem was implemented, returning all approach values to design.

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