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Commercial Buildings

Partnering with facilities to help create clean, healthy spaces that inspire confidence and promote employee health, safety and productivity.

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How to Achieve a Healthy Building

A must-have resource for those responsible for employee safety, wellness and satisfaction in commercial and public facilities. Learn the four core elements of a healthy building, understand the business value a healthy building can provide, and gain insights on navigating certifications and program options and managing program performance.

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A Mindset Shift:
Cleaning for Confidence

Five key considerations for inspiring confidence in the cleanliness of your facilities.

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Helping Offset the Labor Squeeze and Tightening Operations:
A Partnership Perspective

Labor challenges continue to impact many industries and business segments.

Optimizing Cleaning Operations to Help Offset Labor Challenges
Listen to Ecolab experts as they share insights and best practices to help offset labor challenges.
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Prioritizing the Safety and Well-Being of Employees

Matt Branson, Ecolab’s Vice President and General Manager of Facilities and Government, teams up with Arianna Huffington, Founder of Thrive Global, to share tips on how those responsible for cleaning and maintaining offices and buildings can promote health and wellness in the future of work.

Services We Provide:

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Ecolab Science Certified™ Program

Ecolab Science Certified is a comprehensive, science-based public health and food safety program designed to help give your employees and customers safe confidence that your operations are committed to the highest cleaning and disinfecting practices.

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Partner Training Program

A comprehensive facilities training program that streamlines employee training and helps to optimize new hire onboarding, reduce training costs and improve employee retention, consistency and efficiency.

ISSA Innovation Awards
Industry Choice Award Winner

Peroxide Multi Surface Cleaner and Disinfectant selected for ISSA Industry Choice Award for its comprehensive claim set and quick disinfection time.

A Comprehensive Program For A Clean You Can Count On

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Ecolab Hand Hygiene

As a global leader in infection prevention solutions, Ecolab helps clean 50 billion hands annually, in the places that matter most – from healthcare facilities to restaurants to food manufacturing.

Be Prepared. Protection Starts with Prevention.

Ecolab COVID-19 Procedures, Guidelines and Educational Resources
COVID-19 Resources

Ecolab is here to help share our expertise about COVID-19. We can help determine which disinfectant products, cleaning guidelines and action plans best fit your business.

Stop the Spread of Infection
this Flu Season

Ecolab pairs its broad portfolio of solutions with procedures, consultative service, training and verification to help you maintain clean, healthy environments that help enhance customer satisfaction and maximize efficiencies.

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