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Ecolab Pest Elimination Service Specialists

Pest Elimination

Trust Ecolab To Help You Win The Fight Against Pests

You need a partner with the proven science-based expertise to help you protect your brand and maintain a safe, healthy, pest-free environment.

You need Ecolab.

About Pest Elimination

Combatting COVID-19
Ecolab Pest Elimination, an essential service provider, is proud to serve our communities and customers by safeguarding public health, food safety and property from the damaging effects of pests. Read more about our commitment to ensure the health and safety of our customers during the COVID-19 pandemic.
We Are Committed to a Higher Standard
Ecolab goes beyond pest control, putting our expertise to work every day to solve the industry’s most complex pest challenges. Through our proactive people and innovative spirit, we protect you today, while advancing new and better solutions to protect you tomorrow.
Pest Value Prop
Ecolab Pest Elimination has more than 30 years of pest management experience focusing exclusively on the institutional/commercial market segments. We consistently deliver our scientifically proven protocols to not only control pests, but eliminate them. All while providing the insights needed to help identify risks before they happen. With Ecolab, you can be confident you are protecting your customers, employees, and your reputation from pest related risk.

Quality Policy

As a company dedicated to Technical Services of DDD (Rodent Control, Fumigation and Disinfection) and Legionella Control, the maintenance and improvement of our Quality Management System (QMS), certified according to UNE/EN/ISO 9001: 2015 is a top priority for HICOPLA.

What is your pest risk?
What is your pest risk?
It is natural for pest risk to fluctuate throughout the year, so it's important to know the risks and be prepared to win the fight against pests. Find out your pest risk score for cockroaches, rodents, large flies and small flies for your area and industry by simply entering your zip code. 

Trust Ecolab To Help You Win the Fight Against Pests

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
Trusted Partner

We forge partnership that empower you to win the fight against pests.

  • Consistent, reliable expertise and service
  • Customer care and technical support
  • Staff training on pest detection and prevention
Ask the Expert
Innovative Spirit

We continually advance the science of pest elimination and share our expert knowledge with you.

  • Proven, science-based protocols from our global RD&E Center
  • Industry leading educational resources
  • 140+ patents in pest technologies
Service Specialist looking for pests.
Superior Solutions

We take a holistic and proactive approach with unwavering standards.

  • Highly trained Service Specialists
  • Targeted commercial programs to meet your unique needs
  • Guaranteed results for a pest-free environment
consistent communications
Consistent Communication

We keep you informed of pest issues so you can focus on your business.

  • On-site consultation
  • Pest insights offer actionable information at your fingertips
  • Emergency response
  • Service reporting
Book a Free Site Survey For Your Business

Our free site survey brings experts directly to you. Our trained surveyors will assess your site and requirements and provide you with a thorough report detailing how you can protect your business against pests and the risks they pose.


Pest Capabilities Brochure
Download The Pest Elimination Capabilities Brochure
Higher Standard Case Study
Learn How Ecolab's Higher Standard Prevails in Competitive Comparison Test
Ecolab Pest Elimination Capabilities Brochure
Download the Pest Elimination Capabilities Brochure

We Go Beyond Pest Control


Berries in production
Key Ingredients for Success

Connecting Essential Solutions to Today's Food and Beverage Processing Demands

The food and beverage industry is constantly trying to keep up with the demands of a changing consumer world. With increased regulations and changing trends in the market, it’s easy to put cleaning, sanitation and maintenance on the back burner to deal with the time sensitive issues first. Ecolab has put together a collection of resources and easy-to-implement ideas to help make quick-win improvements throughout your facility to help exceed regulations and boost operational efficiency.

Cover of Generic Social Media Tipbook
Why Online reviews are now the name of the game
Word of mouth has always played a major role in shaping a business’ reputation, bringing customers in the door (or driving them away) and driving business success. But the internet, social media and our current state of constant digital connectivity radically up the stakes. 

Click below to learn how you can lean on your vendor partners to help set the stage for social media success.  

Our Pest Elimination Solutions

Buildings and Facilities
Food and Beverage Processing
Industry leading fumigation expertise to protect your business.
Commodity Storage
Cargo Ship
Import Export
Pest management and fumigation for mills

Our Pest Elimination Offerings

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Featured Publications & Articles

Dangers of Cockroaches on Food
The Dangers Cockroaches Bring to Food SAfety
A single cockroach sighted during the day can indicate that there is a significant infestation. Cockroaches, also known as ‘roaches,’ are nocturnal and prefer to live and breed in dark shelters near food and moisture. But if a harborage site is overpopulated, they can be forced out in daylight, often in search of food.
Rodent Defense
Rodents can be a major problem for food and beverage processing facilities any time of year, but the adverse conditions of winter can accelerate the problem as mice, that lived outdoors throughout the temperate months, enter buildings in search of food and warmth.
Man cleaning and sanitizing a table.
Fly Control and Prevention
Small fly control requires a partnership between you and your pest provider. Since small flies are an indicator of a sanitation or structural problem within your facility, removal of the breeding source is the only permanent means of avoiding an infestation. Following simple sanitation and structural recommendations can make a big difference in avoiding a fruit fly infestation.

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